1300Electrician is a FREE connection service to local, independent electricians in your area covering Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and soon to be nation-wide. Customers pay no fee for our service.

Why waste time searching telephone directories or the Internet when 1300Electrician is the only name you need to know? 

We provide service solutions for all electrical repairs, installations, inspections, improvements and maintenance. Our Electricians adhere to our code of conduct and are: 

  • Qualified in the relevant trade
  • Licensed and registered with the required state authority
  • Insured with liability insurance 
  • Police-checked through approved Australian Police Authority
  • Registered with an ABN
  • Rewarded or excluded according to customer feedback

Love supporting local business? Call 1300Electrician to connect to a local electrician. Don't just find any electrician. Find the right electrician for the job!